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[movies]ichat - swoozie
Keywords: swoozie; xbox; adande; video blog; vlog
Downloads: 30
[movies]ghog day
sWooZie lives the same day over and over
Keywords: swoozie; xbox; adande; video blog; vlog
Downloads: 95
[movies]iChat - swoozie
Keywords: swoozie; xbox; adande; video blog; vlog
Downloads: 136
[movies]hbo promo - swoozie
Keywords: swoozie; xbox; adande; video blog; vlog
Downloads: 201
[movies]America's Next Top XBOX Model
Keywords: swoozie; xbox; adande; video blog; vlog
Downloads: 208
[movies]swoozie unscripted - swoozie
Keywords: swoozie; xbox; adande; video blog; vlog
Downloads: 861
[movies]Bad boys bad boys - swoozie
Keywords: swoozie; xbox; adande; video blog; vlog
Downloads: 303
[movies]Bleeding Edge TV 280: E3 2008 Xbox Media Briefing - In this episode, coming to you straight from E3 2008, we chat with Xbox's Heather Snavely about all the news that Microsoft announced during their Xbox Media Briefing. We have keynote clips here as well, in case you missed it and want to see all that went down, while Heather gives us a bit more detail and answers a few questions we had about some of the specific announcements.
Keywords: technology; heather snavely; xbox experience; new xbox dashboard; xbox 360 avatars; xbox live primetime
Downloads: 4
[movies]Interrogation: Rebellion AVP Interview
Angry Joe Interviews Tim Jones - Executive Producer at Rebellion with your tough questions regarding the Final State of Aliens vs. Predator.
Keywords: video gaming; rebellion; xbox 360
Downloads: 6
[movies]CGI Day4 - sWooZie
Dec 2006: Day 4 of DirecTV's CGI gaming event in Los Angeles
Keywords: CGI; CGS; driectv; 101; swoozie; master; vanessa; doa; pgr; xbox; 360; CSS; adande; vlog
Downloads: 95
[movies]Bleeding Edge TV 284: Nintendo's Reggie spotted at Microsoft's E3 Booth - We were checking out the new Xbox Dashboard when who should walk in but Reggie Fils-Amé, CEO of Nintendo? Gear Live caught him earlier at the Nintendo Keynote, and we managed to capture a few quick shots of Reggie checking out what's new in Xbox. Check it out!
Keywords: technology; gear live; andru edwards; reggie fils-ame; nintendo; microsoft; xbox; xbox 360; xbox dashboard
Downloads: 4
Bubbly hostess Clarissa Ankle gives us an all-access guide to Bioshock’s Objectivist deep-sea health spa. From handy audio guides to delicious ADAM, she tells us how to make the most out of your dystopic detox.
Keywords: bioshock; rapture; xbox; gaming; ps3; pc
Downloads: 1
[movies]Top Reasons Fallout 3 Kicks Ass
This is from back in October of 2008, when AngryJoe Previewed Fallout 3 with his Top Reasons It will Kick Ass!
Keywords: video gaming; fallout 3; xbox 360; parody
Downloads: 16
[movies]Bleeding Edge TV 296: NXE Walkthrough - In this episode, we bring you a first-look at the New Xbox Experience - the newly imagined dashboard for the Xbox 360, launching on November 29th.
Keywords: technology; xbox; xbox 360; nxe; new xbox experience; fall dashboard update; spring dashboard update; xbox avatars; videos; nxe walkthrough; games; video games; andru edwards; gear live; microsoft
Downloads: 4
[movies]T4 Show Ep. 142 - No Box like an XBOX 5-22-13
Welcome back to another week of Michael becoming Robot Colm and Colm just being the best there is, best there was, oh wait Michael hates when I talk wrestling. Good thing he doesn’t read this. This week the guys start with the big reveal, XBOX ONE. Did @colmination think everything was amazing? Will @michaelmanna pre-order it because it has the NFL package? We then tackle the used game market controversy...
Keywords: news&information; talk&interview; technology; microsoft; xbox; xbox one; gamefly; gaming; ouya; kinect
Downloads: 2
[movies]Bleeding Edge TV 485: Xbox One detailed by Microsoft - Microsoft and Xbox executives showcase the Xbox One, talking about what went into making the console that Microsoft will rely on for the next generation of gaming. Please subscribe if you like what we do here, or check us out at for our video archive, and our general tech coverage at More on Xbox One: You can also find us on Twitter: Facebook: http://f...
Keywords: technology; andru; andru edwards; gear live; xbox; xbox one; microsoft; gaming; video games; videogames
Downloads: 1
[movies]What The Tech Ep 166 - Xbox One: Achievement Unlocked 5-21-13
This week on What The Tech: Microsoft unveils the next gen Xbox dubbed Xbox One. Andrew and Paul discuss the unveiling and what they think of the Xbox One. What are the system specs and how does it compare to the Sony PlayStation 4? Microsoft also showed off a new Kinect.
Keywords: news&information; talk&interview; technology; microsoft; xbox; xbox one; sony; playstation; nintendo; gaming; kinect
Downloads: 3
[movies]Fallout 3 DLC Operation Anchorage - Parody & New Details
AngryJoe Announcement Video Parody for Fallout 3. We've got a parody and New Details on Operation Anchorage!Simulator BattlesNinja Blades and Stealth SuitsStrike Teamsand the Brotherhood Outkasts!
Keywords: video gaming; fallout 3; dlc; operation anchorage; xbox live; xbox 360; parody; gameplay
Downloads: 8
[movies]Star Trek D-A-C Angry Review Parody
Joe takes a look at the Star Trek Arcade Tie-in Game and pays a visit to the developer to check out the game.
Keywords: video gaming; star trek d-a-c; angry review; xbox 360; xbox live; arcade
Downloads: 6
[movies]Bleeding Edge TV 353: Xbox 360 Slim vs Original - We give you a head-to-head comparison of the brand new Xbox 360 S (the redesigned console) and the original Xbox 360 design in this video. There are a lot more changes than just hard drive size and thinness, and we give you the full scoop.
Keywords: technology; xbox 360 s; xbox 360 slim; xbox 360; kinect; microsoft; comparisons; video games; project natal; andru edwards; gear live; videogames; reviews
Downloads: 5
[movies]Bleeding Edge TV 312: Xbox 360 August 09 Dashboard Update - We give you a full walkthrough of the upcoming Xbox 360 August 2009 Dashboard Update as we show you around all the new features in this episode.
Keywords: technology; xbox; xbox 360; nxe; netflix; fall dashboard update; xbox avatar marketplace; videos; games; video games; andru edwards; gear live; microsoft
Downloads: 5
[movies]Rage Quit - Happy Pong
This week on Rage Quit, Michael plays a twist of the classic game "Pong", in the Xbox Live Indie Game, Happy Pong. There are no words.
Keywords: rage; quit; happy pong; xbox live; indie game; achievement; hunter; rooster; teeth; video; playthrough; gameplay; commentary; xbox 360; xbox live indie arcade
Downloads: 20
[movies]Rage Quit - Get Your Cell Together
This week on Rage Quit, Michael plays the Xbox Live Indie Game, Get Your Cell Together. Where's Osmosis Jones when you need him?
Keywords: rage; quit; get your cell together; xbox live; indie game; achievement; hunter; rooster; teeth; video; playthrough; gameplay; commentary; xbox 360; xbox live indie arcade; osmosis; jones; drix
Downloads: 12
[movies]Rage Quit - Uncraft Me!
This week on Rage Quit, Michael uncrafts his little heart out in the Xbox Live Indie Game, Uncraft Me! I would uncraft these honies all night...
Keywords: rage; quit; uncraft me!; xbox live; indie game; achievement; hunter; rooster; teeth; video; playthrough; gameplay; commentary; xbox 360; xbox live indie arcade; hubba hubba
Downloads: 468
[movies]RROD - Angry Joe 3.0
Angry Joe Gets the Dreaded RROD.
Keywords: video gaming; rrod; microsoft; xbox 360; angry; warranty; corporate
[movies]TES V: SKYRIM GC 11 Feedback
Now that I have seen Skyrim with my own eyes, let me tell you what I thought.
Keywords: the; elder; scrolls; skyrim; ps3; xbox; pc; bethesda; softwork
Downloads: 17
[movies]AJ: Terminator Salvation Game Review + Bonus G.I.
In the Grim Future there is only Joe...and Video Games. The Year is 2018 and the Human Resistance receives a mysterious package. A new kind of Sinister Infiltrator! Watch Joe give this game what it deserves!
Keywords: video gaming; terminator salvation; game idea; game reviews; xbox 360
Downloads: 5
[movies]Bleeding Edge 367: Xbox 360 Fall 2010 Dashboard Update ;- Xbox Live is bringing some major new features to the Xbox 360 this November, and we are here to bring you a preview of what you can expect in our walkthrough tour.Zune music comes to the Xbox 360 in this release, as does a new ESPN channel that lets you watch pre-recorded and live sports content right on the console. Netflix also gets a nice makeover, including a search feature and DVD queue management.Aside from those new features, you also get a redesigned dashboard ...
Keywords: technology; xbox; xbox 360; xbox live; dashboard; fall 2010 dashboard; videos; reviews; tech; video games; videogames; xbox 360 dashboard; netflix; zune; zune pass; espn; espn3; netflix search; kinect; andru edwards; gear live
Downloads: 7
[movies]Live Action Penny Arcade: Prototype Comic Homage
Angry Joe Pays Homage to the Guys at Penny Arcade by doing a live action version of their strip "Consumer Advocacy". Why should you buy prototype? One Reason.
Keywords: video gaming; penny arcade; parody; prototype; xbox 360; consumer advocacy
Downloads: 7
[movies]Top 5 Reasons Why Fallout 3 Kicks Ass!
Angry Joe Presents the Top 5 Reasons FALLOUT 3 will be THE BEST RPG of This Year.1. Fallout Mythology2. Bethesda3. Compelling Story4. VATS Combat System5. Bad Ass Weapons
Keywords: video gaming; fallout 3; video review; parody; xbox 360
Downloads: 11
[movies]Halo: Reach Review
Angry Joe Reviews the last Halo game to be developed by Bungie. Love it or Hate it Halo has become a ;Juggernaut. Can this latest title live up to the hype and wash away the bad memories of ODST?
Keywords: video gaming; halo; reach; game review; xbox 360; bungie; microsoft
Downloads: 6
[movies]Sacred 2 Xbox 360 Preview - How to get your GF to play
AngryJoe cannot wait for Sacred 2's release, here he tells you about this little known under the radar game release and how excited he is for its debut. AngryJoe attempts to get back his Girl whom he lost to his Fallout 3 obsession. With Co-Op Gameplay players can have their Girls and their Games, Together!
Keywords: video gaming; sacred 2; xbox 360; parody; preview
Downloads: 14
[movies]Mirrors Edge Parody Review - Exclusive Faith Interview
AngryJoe and Tons0Fun look at the game Mirrors Edge, while landing an Exclusive Interview with Faith!
Keywords: video gaming; mirrors edge; parody; review; xbox 360; faith interview
Downloads: 13
[movies]Mafia II Interview
Angry Joe asks a few questions about the upcoming Mafia II. The demo is out now, what do you think? Can the game hold up on a strong narrative alone without any multiplayer features?
Keywords: video gaming; mafia ii; interview; gameplay; xbox; games
Downloads: 17
[movies]Mirrors Edge Parody Review - Exclusive Interview w/ Faith
AngryJoe and Tons0Fun look at a day in the life of Madison (Faith) in their review of Mirrors Edge. AngryJoe doesn't think the game is a big deal while Tons0Fun defends the games Unique Brand of Gameplay.
Keywords: video gaming; mirrors edge; xbox 360; faith interview; game parody
Downloads: 8
[movies]Fable II DLC Analysis Parody review
AngryJoe and Tons0Fun get the Fable II DLC Announcement on the HQ Fax! Their Reaction to the new content, check it out!
Keywords: video gaming; fable 2; fable; dlc; xbox 360; parody; angryjoe
Downloads: 5
[movies]Bleeding Edge TV 405: Xbox 360 Fall 2011 Dashboard Update Walkthrough - We give you a walkthrough of the Fall 2011 Xbox 360 Dashboard Update in this episode. The Fall 2011 dashboard update will hit Xbox 360 on December 6, but we've got an early sneak peek and we're here to let you know what to expect. We show you the update process, and then walk you through the new interface, showing you features like Bing, Cloud Storage for games and profiles, the new Social, Games, Movies, and Music channels, and more...
Keywords: technology; xbox; xbox 360; xbox live; dashboard; fall 2011 dashboard; videos; reviews; tech; video games; videogames; xbox 360 dashboard; netflix; zune; zune pass; espn; espn3; ufc; kinect; andru edwards; gear live; microsoft; andru; cloud; cloud storage
Downloads: 8
[movies]Game Review: Risen (Xbox 360)
Angry Joe Loves RPG's and in this Nightmare Review he Encounters one of the WORST he's ever played. An Angry Rant on just what can go wrong with the beloved formula. But ultimately just how awfully will Risen Rate on our Final Verdict?
Keywords: video gaming; risen; xbox 360; rpg; game review; angry joe
Downloads: 19
[movies]Just the Parodies Joe: Prototype
Just the Parodies for Prototype (from our Angry Prototype Review)
Keywords: video gaming; game parodies; angry joe; prototype; xbox 360
Downloads: 17
[movies]Sh*t That Pisses Me Off - Madden 2009 Players!
On this Episode of The AngryJoeShow'sShit That Pisses Me Off Series....Angry Joe Takes On:1. Mcdonalds New Sauce Policy2. Adnan Takes on Joe Himself about Madden.Comment, Rate, and Subscribe!
Keywords: video gaming; madden; xbox 360; gaming parody; angryjoe
Downloads: 8
[movies]Fallout 3 Broken Steel DLC Expansion
Angry Joe is Sick and Tired of Bethesda releasing buggy DLC content, they have 2 strikes already, will Broken Steel be the 3rd?
Keywords: video gaming; fallout 3; broken steel; dlc; xbox 360; bethesda
Downloads: 92
[movies]Pick of the Week: Dust: An Elysian Tail / Shadow Complex
Dust: An Elysian Tail is a 2D action-RPG game chronicling protagonist Dust's journey to liberate an oppressed village, and rediscover his past. He is aided by an ancient sword, Ahrah, and his helpful if unreserved sidekick, Fidget. Meticulously hand-animated and painted, this episode of Elysian Tail welcomes exploration, platforming, and above all else, mastery of a fighting system that rewards skilled gamers...
Keywords: news&information; talk&interview; xbox games; xbox 360; dust elysian tail; shadow complex; rpg games; side scroll games
Downloads: 16
[movies]Rage Quit Paper Sky
This week, Michael soars through the air in the Xbox Live Indie Game, Paper Sky. You never knew living as a piece of paper was so dangerous.
Keywords: rage; quit; indie; xbox; live; hd; achievement; hunter; rooster; teeth; video; 360; playthrough; gameplay; commentary; paper sky; xbox 360
Downloads: 3
[movies]Magic: The Gathering Angry Review
Joe Reviews Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers for Xbox Live and Windows PC's. Everyone knows that the cards are pure evil spawned from Satan himself, but just how BAD is this game?
Keywords: video gaming; magic: the gathering; duels of the planeswalkers; xbox 360; xbox live; arcade; game review; card games; magic; fantasy
Downloads: 25
[movies]Contest + Sonic4 rant
Win some free XBOX360 games and find out what Benzaie thinks about Sonic 4...
Keywords: benzaie; sonic; 4; episode; 1; four; sega; toki; wii; xbox; xbox360; ps3; wiiware; nintendo; sony; microsoft; tgwtg
Downloads: 17
[movies]Toy Soldiers Angry Review
Angry Joe Reviews the Innovative Tower Defense game that doesn't hide the fact that sometimes we all just want to play with our Toys! Does it deliver the Nostalgic trip or can something ruin the experience?
Keywords: video gaming; toy soldiers; review; xbox 360; xbla; xbox live; arcade game; microsoft; signal studios; playing with toys
Downloads: 6
[movies]GTA IV - The Lost and Damned Parody Preview
AngryJoe faces justice for his views on Grand Theft Auto IV, and then argues his case about The Lost and Damned DLC addon.Will AngryJoe Be Sentenced to Death or will he ride off into the sunset with the newer Biker Simulation within GTA IV?
Keywords: video gaming; grand theft auto iv; lost and damned; dlc; xbox live; xbox 360; saints row 2
Downloads: 6
[movies]Rage Quit - Feeding Frenzy
This week on Rage Quit, Michael dives into Fish Frenzy for the Xbox Live Arcade. It's a fish-eat-fish world down there.
Keywords: rooster teeth; achievement hunter; rage quit; feeding frenzy; holy mackerel; video game; commentary; xbox 360; xbox live arcade
Downloads: 28
[movies]E3 2008: A look at Capcom's Flock
We were able to spend some time with CAPCOM during E3 2008, and they gave us a look at their very fun herding simulator, Flock. Check out the full demo in this episode.
Keywords: technology; e3; e3 2008; capcom; flock; xbox 360; playstation 3; psn; xbox live arcade; gear live; andru edwards
Downloads: 3
[movies]First Look: Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360
Patrick and Darryl are looking for those rare 80s DVDs of Transformers Animated G1 series and after failing to find the DVD's in the phone section, Darryl finds Patrick Kinect for Xbox 360 trying out the "share-snapshot" and "bowling bit"
Keywords: comedy; microsoft kinect; kinect for xbox 360; 360; xbox; xbox 360; shopping; store; retailer; stupid; too close; read the label; warning signs; precaution; fail; face; smack; hit; wallop; patrick; darryl; sony x10 xperia
Downloads: 6
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